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Groovy To Be Grounded


Love being barefoot?  Evidence suggests that it’s time to ditch the shoes and expose ourselves to the earth through our bare skin. The earth’s healing energy, naturally absorbed by our bodies, floods into the body riding it of the bad thereby bringing balancing and wellness into our stressful and fast-paced lives.

Regularly connecting to the Earth’s natural, powerful energy is vital for all beings as it is known to be healing. Reconnecting with the earth and our bodies own instinctive healing abilities is the focus of grounding, also known as Earthing.

Our modern lifestyle is interwoven with electrical energy and due to the various technological devices and toxic pollutants we are exposed to daily, our energetic balance is often found to be off tilt. The Earth has an electrical pulse and when we make contact with earth’s natural ground, negative ions from the earth’s surface rush up through our feet spreading throughout the body discharging any imbalanced positive ions we’ve been holding. These positive ions also known as free radicals are known to stimulate inflammation and disease as well as cause premature aging.

According to the Journal of Environmental and Public Health, the Earth’s surface possesses an abundant and continuously renewed supply of free electrons. The Earth’s negative charges can create a stable bioelectrical environment for normal functioning of all body systems such as regulating circadian rhythms and balancing cortisol levels. Our body systems rely on electrical signals so when our electrical energy is out of balance, certain aspects of our health can be too.

Why it’s Groovy to Be Grounded:

  • Earthing reduces stress. Spending time in nature exploring and connecting to earth’s surface has shown to help reduce stress levels as well as anxiety and depression
  • Fights Inflammation. When our bodies are flooded with free radicals, chronic and acute inflammation increases so by grounding ourselves, we neutralise the free radicals with the negative charge from the earth’s surface reducing inflammation and ultimately pain
  • Improves sleep. According to Dr Axe’s article on Earthing, increased cortisol levels affect our natural circadian rhythm, energy and ability to have a good nights’ rest. It is suggested that the earth’s “diurnal electrical rhythms” set the biological clocks for hormones that regulate sleep and activity
  • Increases Energy and Gain Mental Clarity. Everything in our body is interconnected so by reducing our stress levels, our sleep patterns improve, our hormones are balanced and inflammation is reduced thus resulting in an increase in energy

Grow to be Grounded

Walking outside barefoot is the simplest way to ground yourself so get barefoot and put your feet in contact with soil, water, rocks, concrete etc. I recommend 30 mins a day to effectively reduce stress and inflammation. You could also use a visualization meditation, picturing yourself sitting by a lake or next to a tree. Another option if you are unable to get outside is to make use of a “grounding mat”. They look similar to yoga mats and are connected to electrical fields being given off from the earth’s surface. One can also purchase “earthing bands” which are worn on the wrists or arms.

By reconnecting with earth through Grounding we are able to create an anchor for spiritual connection which leads to an instinctive healing response from our bodies. Grounding/ Earthing not only fights stress and anxiety but it is crucial for empowering our body on the most basic level, raising our immunity and energy for proper digestion, fighting food cravings and influencing a healthy mind set through a nourished body.

Sandy Feet


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